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Forum a Success! Now waiting for Weathering the Change II

Our forum on Wednesday 27 November was packed out with standing room only.  It could have been the amazing food, supplied generously by local suppliers and prepared by volunteer Chef and crew, or it could have been the fantastic high quality debate brought to the room by our audience.

Either way, our leaders are listening again.  Canberrans know we’re living in a smart city with access to innovative ideas and the will to act.  Our city can lead the way in emissions reductions that can add to our quality of life.

Big issues raised were questions around the ability for small-scale solar generation to push the move to renewable electricity supply for Canberra, the roll out of retro-fitting and other energy efficiency measures for houses in the ACT, and of course public transport!  With interesting responses from Minister Corbell about plans to transform the way energy efficiency is to be pushed in the ACT, and the light rail question still under discussion, as well as upcoming large-scale solar approvals in the new year, we are waiting for the commitment to action in ‘Weathering the Change Action Plan II’.

When asked if the modelling guiding the Governments plans equalled a 40% reduction by 2020, the Minister answered ‘yes’!  Now it’s time to turn the plans into action.

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